Fortnite is a game where players can experiment with variety to create their characters! In Fortnite you can choose from the default characters or buy your own skin. A skin is a programmed look at a player’s character that gives the character a new outfit, accessories, or a completely different look. Willfully Elegant has the most popular Fortnite costumes that are featured here on our website. But you can also check out how important it is to make a Fortnite costume that sets you apart from your Halloween teammates! When your friends see what skin you have chosen for Halloween, they are ready to join the battle with you!

Rabbit Raider

If your opponents see you knocking them down with a pink Bunny costume, they should respect your style! Rabbit Raider Skin was released as a special Easter item and allows you to add a touch of spring to your Halloween costume. Join our Friday, the 13th. Jason-mask or our white blank mask one size with our pink color Christmas Bunny adult costume and you will discover all the features of this Fortnite-skin! Easter eggs aren’t the only things you hunt for when wearing this fun Fortnite DIY costume!

Radio Ops

Bring your fight back to the 1970s this Halloween with our funk Ops DIY costume options! You’ll be ready to groove on the dance floor to disco music or destroy your enemy team if you have this selection of accessories that will spice up your character. With our adult disco shirt, Glow Glasses and black lashes top and bottom, no one will hold your square! They are also well-armed if they have our double detective holsters and adult combat boots that can cause damage. Complete it all with our Black Mustache kit and you’re ready for a psychedelic Fortnite session this Halloween!

Shadow Ops

You’ll be dressed to kill when you assemble a DIY costume modeled after Fortnite Shadow Ops! In our sexy female assassin killer costume, you have all the movement capabilities you need to defeat your enemies while flattering every turn. Meanwhile, you’ll get other distinctive Shadow Ops skin features with our black eyelash kit, adult combat boots and adult black Flapper wig! No one can deny that they are as deadly as boys when they show off their black adult gloves by shooting at their opponents.

The Munitions Expert

The Munitions Expert

Your team doesn’t run out of bullets if they take you for a ride in the shoes of an ammunition expert! With this skin you will get everything you need to keep the lead in the heat of Halloween battle. When you put on our sexy Camo Cutie costume, you have almost everything you need to look just like this provocative military-themed Fortnite skin. Then all you need is our Tommy Gun, Bandolier Bullet Belt Deluxe and army helmet to transform into this cool and assembled Bullet Babe. Don’t forget to buy moldavite like rainbow crystals and your Adult Flat Metal tags when you go out in the evening!

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