The Velvet effect – Part 1.



Outfit: Dress- Ellen Tracy ( Similar here, Love this one here); Jacket – The Limited( Similar here); Shoes – Charles David ( Similar here, here and here)



I have an uncanny love for red velvet. Literally and figuratively. So last summer when I bought this red velvet blazer, I would often struggle to style it in a way that was not too over the top for work, but at the same time, felt put together. In two parts, I have dressed this blazer for work and for a evening/night out with friends/family. Pairing this bold red velvet blazer with an equally bold yellow dress draws more attention to the silhouette of the dress and the pumps than the colors itself. I chose to pair them with a leopard print pump to add some dimension and character. Individually the red velvet was first seen here and the yellow sheath was seen here.

Sometimes when I am too busy too right a post, usually I can be found hovering over here, feel free to follow my shenanigans.  Hope you all are having a great weekend. Share a thought, stay well and cheers!

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Outfit: Skirt- Ann Taylor; Blouse – The Limited ( Same Color, Same Style); Shoes – Nine West ( sold Out, Love this this and this); Necklace – T&J designs.



This post and skirt came about simply because of Karma. Ann Taylor was having a 70% off flash sale a couple of weeks ago and I got suckered in, into buying this lime tweed skirt, for almost $15, now given that this skirt was priced at over a $100, that was a steal right? So anyways, I wait for almost week and half, before this skirt makes an appearance. I peel open the package, and try it on immediately, only to find the length too short ( for me atleast) for it to be work appropriate especially without stockings/tights, and the fit completely off, even though I bought my usual size. So I did a double take. Looked thoroughly through my online receipt to make sure, it wasn’t my mistake in ordering, as in if I had ordered a size too small, petite etc. Nope, nope and nope. But I had made one mistake. I did not realize this was final sale. I did look through all the other items I ordered, except for this. Again, destiny. So blissfully ignorant I take it to the store, only to be told, not gonna happen. Hence I wore this outfit out for dinner last week as a way to compensate for the misery I put myself through due to hastily ordering something. Rest assured, I have learned my lesson.

Have you ever messed up in online shopping and been stuck with it? What did you do? Share a thought and stay well.

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Outfit: Jeans- Vince (Similar herehere and here); Top – Ann Taylor; Jacket – George ( Very old via Macys, Similar here and here);

Scarf – From India; Shoes – Naturalizer( Similar here and here)


Feeling like you are coming down with something, thanks to the random changing weather is no fun. It dampens the weekend spirits. Wore this to run and finish some errands over the weekend and that is about all the energy I have had. This outfit echos that simple color combos with a small dash of pattern/print works wonder for any outfit. Try it and share a thought.

Hope you all are having a great weekend. Outfit inspired from Alterations Needed.

p.s Happy Columbus day – shopping the sales!

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Keeping up.




Outfit: Pants – Banana Republic; Shirt- Banana Republic; Sweater Vest- Express ( very old, sold out); Blazer – Ann Taylor loft.


Keeping up with the menswear theme and October breast cancer awareness theme, I chose to create this outfit in two folds. One can double as a winter time interview outfit( roll out the sleeves), the later can be a casual dressed down/up version for work. Though, I would wear both to work in a heart beat. I chose a neutral palette to let the pattern of the sweater stand out. In my world of colors, pink and purple share the epitome of being girly, classy and elegant. Staying in sync with the menswear theme I have going on, to me, the first outfit hands down was inspired from this hunk ( Please come back after clicking that, since I strayed a little too long while writing this). I was randomly looking for sweater patterns for menswear and he popped up. Rest shall remain history.

The white blazer I wore was featured here before. While I love that this is an oldie and a goldie, I cannot swoon enough over this fitted bow style blazer and this contrast colored tuxedo style blazer. A good white blazer is a staple. I cannot stress enough, how important it is, to own a tailored , fitted, single or double button blazer, that will take up your classy factor many notches high, in a jiffy! The combination of Khaki, white , with pink and/or purple ( or radiant orchid), works seamlessly because both white and khaki ground the look, while the colors add femininity to the look. The second look just binds the color of my choice, in this case purple, with the outfit. If you have pastel pink blazer like this long sleeved one or this textured/printed one, that would work fabulously as well. Either way, choose your color and have fun with it.

Thank you to those who engage with me on my questions to you on your fashion choices. I always intrigues and inspires me for the better.

Cheers and stay well.

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Outfit: Jeans – The Limited( Similar here and here); Turtle neck – WHBM( Similar here and here); Vest – Unknown via Amazon ( Similar here);

Scarf – unknown( Exact here and similar here); Jacket- Express ; Shoes – Nine West( Similar here, here and here).



I have always wondered how I would put together an outfit that was heavily menswear inspired. So this weekend, when I had the time, I set out to create an outfit, that was too creative for office wear, but perfect for a weekend outside. I have had these plaid jeans for a while now. They were actually a gift, when I was too conservative in my style and outfits. I have always wondered how I could wear them without standing out too much and I believe I finally have my answer. I chose a monotone black for the rest of the outfit and added my idea of menswear inspiration in the form of this vest and scarf as necktie. The turtle neck tee was perfect to keep me warm on a rather sudden cold day. The temperature swung from 70 to 40 in a matter of hours, so now I have to be prepared to not freeze, again. Winter is coming too soon. I digress.

What inspired my outfit loosely is this fall men’s suit collection from Bonobos. My outfit is inspired by both of these handsome men below. The plaid from the gray suit and the bow tie from the black/tartan suit. To me being inspired by men’s wear does not necessarily mean, one has to wear boxy blazers, ill fitting boyfriend jeans or a long slim tie which is useful nowhere. I have nothing against them, its just not me.

For example the boy friend jeans, I don’t own or condone them, but I know some bloggers and celebrities rock them. The other popular trend seems to be masculine blazers, large, shoulder padded and fit for a man, really. So for this outfit, apart from these men in suits, I had more help in the form of the inspirations below. See what I mean?

Have you experimented with menswear style? What do you think of this trend? yay or nay?

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