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Being sick is no fun. What is fun however is to be at N-1(th) post, where N = 100, and not have a single post scheduled. See what I did there? Ridiculous, I know. So, like all other little kids in a candy store, or those who play candy crush saga and squeal at the completion of a tough level, eek! How did I manage to get this far, without a face-plant yet? I am pretty sure it must be my lucky stars that have helped me come this far. Tomorrow, with health permitting will be an actual outfit post, but today will be a collection of all things, that define my style, my wardrobe and this blog.

First off, a huge shout-out to few of my trusted reads and friends over here in the virtual blog world:

TheFashionHuntress – She is like the glue to my blogging. Sane and solid. I have never met this lady in real life, but I can close my eyes and know, the reason I blog are because of people like her, who don’t care what I have, but care more for what I do with it. That’s something. To her, cheers.

Mica of Away from Blue - Far far away from Australia, I do not remember how I bumped on to her blog, but I am glad I did. Her lust worthy Balenciaga bag collection, can keep me up late at nights. Its worth every read. And how can I miss her pooch and the little baby thats coming soon. Here’s to Mica!! 

 Lauren of Stylelixir- This women can look stunning in pretty much anything and everything. She nails each and every outfit to the T. Looks stunning no matter what.She is one of my favorite inspirations in this blogging realm. Her weekly fashion linkups have been my go to place to meet other like minded bloggers, and its never been a disappointment.

Alison of Get your Pretty On- The rock solid style guru and one gorgeous mamma! She channels the best advices and styles for women from all over. Her current Spring style challenge is a success story on its own. Need I say more? 

Kileen of Cute and Little – I can see myself wearing almost every single one of the outfits she wears. Polished, classy and elegant to perfection. The bonus is she and I are about the same height, so it helps me gauge how a certain fit would look on me if I am debating on a style she is wearing. Her chronicles with her style and her little son, make for a perfect read.

And I would do no justice without mentioning these blogs that I read almost everyday,for fun, for inspiration or just because since the day I started blogging, these women have stood by and supported me, through linkups, in moral or in spirits: SweetCandyDreamer; Diana of Manhattan Image and Style; Laura of WalkinginMemphisinHighHeels; Lindsey of PleatedPoppy; Carylee of MorePiecesofMe; Whatwewear; TheLifeOfThePartyWhyIdoDeclaireMidwestBloggers; StylinInStLouis

 The posts that became overnight “famous” in my little blogworld, the top 7 all time hits:

 The Shoe Edit – Top 10 Must haves : hands down, one of my most popular posts till date. Thank you for all the kind appreciations, I hope I have helped your shoe wardrobe get better.

Basic Layers: The post where I finally got my layering skills right.

SimplePerfections: The transitioning of my summer clothes to fall.

GoingGreen: A style shoot inspiried by InStyle magazine’s color palette suggestions.

OneDress-FourWays: Making the most of a dress less worn.

ColoredAndCollared: Pairing a green dress with brights and neutrals, with textures and belts, a first in many ways.

!(Fall)Colors: When I was being defiant of the fact that fall was coming in fast, and summer was gone too soon.

 Lastly, an outfit that never saw the light of the day, was taken about a few weeks ago,but I never ended up wearing this combination as I had imagined. But for what its worth, the colors were pretty together. Before closing out, my heartfelt gratitude and thank you to everyone single one of you, who has read my blog, commented, liked on facebook/instagram or on Pinterest. You keep me motivated to share what I can with the style world.

“I am but a novice in the path of enlightenment with my stilettos on.”

Orange pelated dress and Jacket from TheLimited; Christian Louboutin simple blue pumps

Outfit: Dress- The limited; Blazer – The Limited; Shoes- Christian Louboutin


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Matching green

Matching green

Matching green; Banana Republic Skirt, WHBM top, and shoes

Outfit: Skirt – Banana Republic Outlet ( sold out); Top -WHBM; Shoes – WHBM( sold out); Lace Jacket – WHBM

Matching green; Banana Republic Skirt, WHBM top, and shoes

Matching green; Banana Republic Skirt, WHBM top, and shoes, WHBM lace jacket

Hope you are all having a great weekend. I am head over heels in a nasty cold and hoping it goes away soon. Wore this outfit outfit yesterday to a house party. With the weather warming up, I am certainly embracing more sleeveless tops and skirts.
If you haven’t seen it yet, take a peek at the shoe guide featuring this seasons top 10 must haves!

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Pastel hues and Navy Blues

 Hurray to the end of the week! Many of you who are celebrating Good Friday and Easter, hope you have an amazing time with your family and friends. I have my chores cut out for the weekend. But before all that, thank you so very much for your thoughts and comments on my previous post on shoes! I hope it inspires you to build a shoe wardrobe that is sustainable and reliable. As an engineer, I sleep, eat and live by those terms every day.

Wore this outfit to work yesterday. Pastels and my favorite skirt! This skirt has been seen twice before on this blog, here and here, and the top last seen here. I love the jacquard finish to it and the amazing print. A very good friend of mine asked me- ” How do I wear florals without looking like a flower pot”. When I could finally control my seam-bursting laughter, I realized, I didn’t have an answer to her immediately, so it got me thinking. I wear tons of florals, but I subconsciously choose those, that are abstract enough not to be too gaudy or “flower pot” like. The skirt below is an example. Most of my florals pieces are not a collection of colors and flowers. You can see how I have done floral blazers here, top here and skirt here / here before. But I want to hear from you, how do you choose your floral prints? Do you go bold or do you go subtle?





Outfit: Skirt – Ann Taylor Outlet ( sold out, Loving similar from AT here and here); Blouse- The Limited (50% Off – Use code SWEET50); Shoes – Anne Klein; Sun Glasses – Gucci ( Nordstrom Rack, Similar from RayBan).

Jacquard Ann taylor printed skirt, Mint The LImited blouse, Anne Klein peep toe pumps


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The Shoe Edit – Top 10 Must haves

Over the years, I have bought and disposed off shoes for multiple reasons, but the one reason that always gave me significant grief was when I would give up on a pair because of its fit/comfort or style. These are the two rules I have accustomed myself to live by now when purchasing or considering to purchase a pair of shoes. My experience has served me well in the past few years, where I have gotten bolder with my choice of footwear, but within means and class. Presenting to you, the top 10 shoes your wardrobe should have for spring/summer, irrespective of what trend is currently raging. A versatile collection that can last you years and through fashion ups and downs. So hop on and hold tight.

1.  The NUDE

A pair of nude pumps is a must! If you don’t own one, you should consider running pronto to the nearest store or website and getting one for yourself.  You can never go wrong with the right fitting pair of nude pumps. This elongates the legs while giving a clean look to the outfit. It goes with just about any outfit and can be used to dress up or down an outfit as well. Keep it clean, pattern/texture and embellishment free. Don’t exceed the heel height of 100 mm if using for regular wear or for work. Higher than 100 mm( without platform) should be a total no-no in a work environment. It’s neither classy nor elegant. Invest in this classic color and style and you will never be disappointed. I have worn these with casual jeans, dresses, to business casual parties and to work.
Here are some more options for you to consider: ClarksMichael KorsCharles David ; DVF ; Franco SartoBrian AtwoodMadden GirlNine West; Enzo Angiolini

2.The CLASSIC Black

Following in line with the classic nude, are the classic black pumps! Almost everyone owns them, no scratch that, everyone just owns them for sure! Goes without saying, it is one of the most used colors and can be paired with anything. Absolutely anything. Thus, it is also a must, that you get your hands on a pair that will last you for what its worth. A classic black pump, amps up the glam quotient of an outfit, without the “look at me” vibe. Having said that, a lot of women cannot wear high heels, to them I plead, please consider pointy or round toe with square or block heels and try to avoid the square or blunt toe versions. Those do absolutely nothing for your outfit. If you must wear loafers and loafers only,  consider choosing those that do not have a blunt/square toe.
Similar options :  Plenty by Tracy ReeseBandolinoNaturalizerFranco SartoNine WestRalph LaurenEnzo Angiolini

3. The PEEP toe

Summer calls for freshly painted nails and peep toe pumps! But then, beware the peep! If not careful, the peep toe can really bite the toes and causes a lot of pain. It can also aide in heel slippage, neither of which is a good sign. So, by all means, avoid peep toes, which have a large toe opening with a wide foot bed, they are most likely to cause your toes to hang out and look like they are gripping the shoe or licking the ground, and that is a very unpleasant sight. Also there are those, which do not have the right arch support and heel to platform ratio and tend to make the feet slip forward, without pushing them out. When I buy peep toes ( online or in store), I almost always wear and walk around in them on carpet till I am sure I want to keep them.
Similar options:  Tahari;  Anne KleinNine West; Nine WestL.K.Bennett

4. The KITTEN heel

My all time favorite pair, are these two kitten heels. Easy to wear and walk, and still chic! Kitten heels are one of the most understated and overlooked shoes in the fashion industry. They function and look the same like a regular pump, only with loads of cuteness and elegance. Weather they are in the form of pumps, sandals, peep toes, or booties, kitten heels are almost always comfortable to the T and cute as a button. I have been in a process of replacing my towering heels with kitten heels to make them more wearable and use them more often. Wear these to work, run errands, business meeting or casual wear, they will fit all aspects of your life.
Similar options: TahariFranco SartoNine westBandolinoNaturalizer

5. The COLORED flats

I am all about colors. If that is not clear yet, let me reiterate, I live and love colors. So ofcourse when it comes to shoes, I dive deep into colors. Stepping aside from the heels for a bit, and coming to the quintessential flats! Everyone owns black flats, but you must set yourself apart with some colors. They can add pop to the outfit, without having to gain any discomfort of the heels. Wear them with dresses, ankle length or regular pants, jeans, skirts, anything and they will work. Don’t be afraid of colors. Neutrals will always sustain, but step up the game with colors that are versatile enough to go with many different outfits. But, do not be fooled by these comfortable looking flats. They have some spice and bite to them as well. Buy the wrong pair and you will sustain heel bites and side toe bites. If buying flats for regular and rough use, avoid patents by all means. They take time to break in and will certainly bite. Choose flats that do not have too much of an elastic band around the top. That will bite as well, if the fit is off even a little. You could potentially put heel guards to avoid bites, but to me that’s only a temporary solution. Go for materials like soft velvet, light canvas, or even regular soft leather. I have been once bitten twice shy, and hence my plethora of knowledge on flats.
Similar options here:  Hush PuppiesSteve MaddenTahariSplendidButterKate Spade

6The EMBELLISHED loafers

I call these loafers, because of the slip on style, some might call them flats. In this context, they are one and the same. Ever since Charlotte Olympia introduced  her embellished and embroidered feminine kitty flats, I have been smitten.  I love cats, and I love flats. These embellished ones are the younger sister to the colored ones. As for the Charlotte Olympia flats, I refuse to buy something for that much price, that I can only wear for 4 months in a year. We have long winters you see. Very long. My main motivation for these flats are that they can be worn for after work parties or dinner events without sacrificing the glam quotient. A little glitz here, a little glam there never hurt anyone. So I tend to carry them with me when I want to switch over to something more comfortable without giving up on style. Choose them at your own discretion though, because they can be a bit of a pain to maintain. Given than these are velvet, I try to avoid water or dirt. If you are in the mood for flats, and are heading to a party, these are your friends!  
Similar options here: Michael KorsElla MossSam EdelmanNine WestSchutz

7. The WEDGE heels

You need the height, and you need the comfort. Voila. Out comes these wedge heels. Not office approved but totally chic and weekend approved. Wedges are the comfortable versions of heels and I am very much vested in them. But, like everything, there are a few things to look out for. Wedges can be hard to walk in if you are not used to the block platform shoes. It might feel like you have wooden blockes tied underneath your feet. So stomping is the likely result for someone not used to them. They can also tend to be clumsy if they are not well made.Wedges usually go fantastically with summer dresses, peddle pushers and shorts. Avoid them with boot cut jeans and regular length jeans. Certainly pair them with skinny. The Duchess of Cambridge nails these looks here . Also, avoid wedges that are better suited for Lady Gaga
Similar options here: BCBGBandolino;  SplendidGuessLacosteSteve MaddenTory burch

8. The classic SLINGBACKS

Next in line are slingback sandals. Wear it to work or out, these are the airier versions of the pumps I love. There is much to be learned about slingbacks though. From comfort to grip, as much as all the rules for pumps apply to them,there is just one rule, that stands out. That of making sure the elastic in sling backs can last. Usually after about 10 wear, they tend to get out of shape and will not conform back to the shape you bought them in. The other version is where the elastic is so hard,that it bites into the heels. Add all the other trouble with pumps, and suddenly slingbacks are a hard nut to crack. Fear not. Here is a rule of thumb I live by. If buying medium to high end shoes, get sandals in your regular size say, 6.5, if buying pumps, size up. On the other hand, for contemporary or regular brands, take your own size in sandals and pumps. Man made leather tends to stretch very less over time. And because of this, your safer bet is to get your regular size, than get a larger size that you cannot fit into. Also avoid peep toes on man made leather sandals if possible, they tend to bite for the same reason. 
Similar options here: BandolinoKate Spade;  Charles DavidIsaac Mizrahi; Sam EdelmanJ Renee;  Adrienne Vittadini 

9. The ANKLESTRAP pumps

Wrapped and strapped around the ankle and reigning all over. That is the current status of ankle strap shoes. Within the last few seasons, ankle wraps are back with a bang. The right pair, can add a significant oomph factor to any outfit, which is why I would personally avoid them for work. They are a fun version of sandals that have really picked up their game! Zara last year brought out a slew of colors and ankle straps that were seen all over the blogosphere. Then there are those straps, that seem like they would cut off the oxygen supply to your feet. Strapped a little too tight. Those should definitely be avoided. Solution for tighter straps is to invest in extenders or get extra holes punched into the strap itself. But wearing shoes that clearly make the feet look like they are in pain and about to die and go to shoe hell, are not the least bit classy. I tend to gravitate towards narrow belts than the thicker ones, just a personal choice. 
Similar options here: Kate SpadeSam EdelmanCoachLoeffler RandallIvanka TrumpDolce Vita

10. The PRINTED pumps

When it comes to prints, I can never be satisfied. But I have stayed away for the longest time from printed pumps. They were the path less taken for me. And I changed that this past winter. Leopard print has been “in” for a long time now, but I was never really certain if it was something I could pull off at work, without coming across as out of place, so avoided them. Animal prints can be tricky to wear to work. I am yet to try them with dresses for work, but I have worn them with pants. They are fierce. So if you love animal prints or prints in general,  keep a lookout for prints that are not too over powering. Floral printed shoes are everywhere as well and most of them, I find to be quite obnoxious because of the “in your face” prints. Printed pumps will add the extra mileage to an otherwise monotone outfit or casual outfit. Before you jump into really bold prints though, try playing with subtle ones to see if these are really for you. 
Similar options here: DVFElliot LuccaIvanka TrumpKate Spade
Hope this was helpful to you. Would love to hear your feedback/thoughts and comments. This will be filed permanently under a new page ” SHOES I (s)WEAR BY”. I will continue to add to it over the different seasons.
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Mustard the courage.


Outfit: Jeans – Vince (Sold out, Different color, here and here); Top – Ann Taylor( old, sold out, Similar here and here);

Jacket – Express(Old, Sold Out, Current style); Shoes – Calvin Klein(Similar @ Zappos, DSW)





The best place to take an outfit photo in dire and inclement weather is the stairwell! Of course, duh? What started out as a nice weekend, soon turned into a down pour of non stop heavy rain. Anyways, coming to the pair of jeans at hand. I have always been vary of yellow, it was a  color I had not tried to wear much of, but of late have been quite attracted to. Skirts, dresses, tops, and then finally this jeans. A lucky find from Ruelala after a markdown of almost 70%, this jeans was a blind buy. I have never owned a Vince jeans, didn’t know if the sizing were the same, nor did I know exactly what shade of yellow these would be. But, the reality is that the fit is so good, I could literally wear it day in and out like a pair of pajamas. When buying skinny jeans, the stretch of the material is extremely important. If a material is stretchy but does not regain its original shape afterwards, that’s a fail. The other way of not having any give in the material, makes for a struggle while wearing and likely having to go through sizing issues. I tend to buy denim that have high stretch but also conform to their original shapes later, and this  has been a learning experience to say the least. But a word of caution, stretch jeans will never come close to a 100% cotton premium denim. So, make sure when you buy denim, you know what you are paying for. Usually, I don’t buy jeans with more than 2% stretch factor( look for Spandex or Lycra percent in the label). Also, if you want to preserve the life of the color, and your jeans( stretch or otherwise), cold wash them inside out. That is the only reason, some of my jeans are over 6 years old with not a single tear or faded color, a good thing and bad, if you know what I mean.

The color of this jeans is mustard yellow, and I was quite out of my comfort zone wearing them out because I have never imagined wearing, yellow jeans. I did wear them a few times at home, just to get acclimated to them. Now, I love them. I tend to pair skinny jeans with loose fitting tops and blouses. Seldom do I wear them tucked in or with a close fitting top. I cannot pull that off, and I know better than trying that. I absolutely am not a person to do the half tuck either, it looks unkempt to me, and i refuse to do it.  What color inhibitions have you come over, if any?  Share a thought here, would love to hear your stories!

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